3 Day Pass October 12th - 14th

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3 Day Pass October 12th - 14th

3-Day Discounted Lecture Pass with Warren Kramer

Thursday 7PM - 8:30PM: 9 Star Ki Lecture, Dessert & Tea

Nine Star Ki or Eastern Astrology, is the study of energies and how they influence all aspects of our life. Our individual nature/personality, work we choose, relationships, health strengths and weaknesses, travel, timing and movement are all influenced by our nine ki nature which is based on our date of birth. Learn more about your own individual numbers and how this impacts your life. Don't miss this once a year lecture! Fun, exciting and most informative. Great handouts will be provided.

Friday 6PM - 9PM: Supporting Natural Beauty & Aging Gracefully Dinner & Lecture

Our society has become obsessed with looking younger and staying youthful. One of the reasons for this is that we are simply aging prematurely. The modern diet and lifestyle robs us of our freshness and bright appearance. People eating and living a more natural, balanced way of life often appear 5-7 years younger than their chronological age. Biologically, we can turn back the hands of time. Enjoy a complete vegan, gluten free meal that suppports natural beauty, then learn about the real fountain of youth!

Saturday 9:30AM - 2:30PM: Food for Vitality Cooking Class, Lunch & Lecture

Cooking Class:

The number one health complaint in the world today is fatigue. When we are tired we will eat and drink things we normally would not consider. We do things simply to pick up our energy. This imbalanced eating and drinking over time makes us more acidic and fatigued. It is a vicious circle. This cooking class focuses on how to create strong, long lasting vitality. Warren will teach numerous dishes, a full meal is served and recipes are provided.


The pace of modern life has increased dramatically over the years and with that people have been expressing how stressed they feel. For many people stress increases binge eating and overeating as well as many health issues that start to surface. Let's look at the very practical steps we can take to manage stress and tension. A very beneficial talk for anyone concerned about pressure in their lives. Includes organ specific breathing exercises with Virginia Harper.

$175 after 9/30/17