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AccuStar Radon in Water Test Kit

AccuStar Radon Gas in Water Test Kit
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  • Easy testing - simply fill a glass vial with tap water and send to the lab.
  • Uses the Liquid Scintillation method for analysis and accurate results.
  • Complete testing instructions and information reporting sheet.
  • Test results available online and via automated phone the next business day afternoon after the lab receives the sample.
  • Test results also mailed out the next business day after receiving the sample.
  • Price includes laboratory analysis.
  • First Class U.S. postage prepaid return packaging.No return shipping costs to the lab.
  • AccuStar is a certified National Radon Proficiency Program laboratory registered with the National Environmental Health Association and is registered with every US state that requires registration for Radon testing.

Testing Procedure

AccuStar Radon Gas in Water Test Kit Instructions
  • Remove the aerator from the faucet if one is attached.
  • Allow cold water to run long enough until water is flowing from the source and not a holding tank or sitting in pipes. This could take as long as 10 minutes minutes.
  • Remove glass vial from box and retain box for return mailing.
AccuStar Radon Gas in Water Test Kit Instructions
  • Place bowl in sink and fill bowl with cold water.
  • Place faucet below water line to prevent air from entering water or creating splashing and bubbles.
  • Allow water to overflow bowl.
AccuStar Radon Gas in Water Test Kit Instructions
  • Collect a sample of water in such a way as to minimize aeration to reduce the loss of radon from the sample.
  • Immerse the vial and cap open side up and fill the vial underwater tapping to remove air bubbles.
  • Replace the vial's cap while the vial is underwater.
  • Lift the vial out of the water and turn upside down to check for any air spaces. If there are any air bubbles, empty the vial and try again.
AccuStar Radon Gas in Water Test Kit Instructions
  • Fill out the information sheet with name, address, vial number, date and time the sample was collected.
  • Place the sample in the original box and packaging.
  • Mail the sample to the lab immediately in the U.S. postage prepaid shipping box.

Information Form Recording

  • Name and address.
  • Serial number of the test device.
  • Start and end dates and times of the test.
  • Record the location of where the canister was exposed (basement, living room, etc.).
Analyzing the Results

A standard boro-silicate glass VOA sample collection vial with Teflon sepa cap is used for sample collection. In the laboratory, a measured aliquot of the water sample is mixed with scintillation cocktail in a glass test vial. Radon preferentially dissolves into the cocktail over a period of several hours. The vial is then placed in a shielded chamber for counting. Alpha particles emitted by the breakdown products of Radon create scintillations, or flashes of light, in the cocktail.

A photo-multiplier tube detects these scintillation's, the signal is electronically enhanced and the effect of the alpha particles are counted. Background counts are subtracted and the net counts are entered into a formula with other relevant data yielding quantitative results stated in picoCuries per Liter (pCi/L).

Receiving the Results

  • Test results are available online the next business day afternoon after the lab receives the sample. Click here for Accustar Lab Test Results and enter the serial number of the test. Your test results will be displayed online and the full report can be emailed to you or displayed and printed out.
  • Test results are available through an automated phone system the next business day afternoon after the lab receives the sample. Please call 888 404-3144 and input the serial number of the test into the touchtone phone keypad. A voice message will provide your test results.
  • Test results also mailed out the next business day. This can take 2-4 days in the US mail.

NOTE: The lab must receive your sample within 8 calendar days. All test kits have return U.S. postage prepaid for first class US Mail and are to be delivered to Massachusetts. Generally, there is no problem in meeting this delivery timeframe, however if there are holiday weekends and you live on the west coast, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, etc. or there are winter storms that may cause a delay in the US Postal Service, please consider sending the sample with US Priority Mail, which is a 2-3 day service.

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