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SEBO C2.1 C 2.1 C3.1 3.1 K2 K3 K 2 3 Series Vacuum Cleaner System Accessories Tools Air Driven Turbo Brush Kombi Floor Nozzle Premium Parquet Brush Hand Held Hard Replacement Accessory Part Parts Optional Additional
SEBO Canister Vacuum Cleaner System Tools

SEBO Tools for the Canister Model Vacuum Cleaner Systems including the C Series (C3.1, C2.1) and K Series (K2, K3). Includes Kombi Floor Nozzle, Premium Parquet Floor Brush, Hand Held Air Driven Turbo Brush, Hard Floor Brush and Air Driven Turbo Floor Brush.
SEBO C K Series Vacuum Cleaner System Filters Dust Bags Accessories 3 Layer Ultra Dustbags Exhaust Unit Microfilter Micro Filter C3.1 C2.1 C 3.1 2.1 K2 K3 K 2 3 HEPA Standard Service Box
SEBO Canister Vacuum Cleaner Filters and Dust Bags

SEBO Filters and Dust Bag Accessories for the C and K Series Canister Vacuum Cleaner System. Includes Unit and Exhaust Micro Filters, Standard or "Ultra" Dust Bags, Standard or HEPA Service Box replacements.
SEBO K3 Air Belt Canister Vacuum Cleaner System K 3 HEPA S-Class S Class Vacuums Cleaners Vacs AirBelt Filtration Red Burgundy Black
SEBO Air Belt K3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with 12" Powerhead
Our Price: $789.00

The mid size SEBO Canister vacuum K3 has full size on-board tools. Recommended for smaller homes and includes your choice of 12" or 15" wide Power Heads to provide deep cleaning of carpets. Advanced 3 Step Filtration System provides certified S-Class effectiveness of 99.9% removal of particles at 0.3 microns. Tests by the British Allergy Foundation have shown that SEBO vacuums produced zero levels of detectable airborne dust mite allergen. Advanced features include ergonomic handle, telescopic tube and Air Belt shock absorber and noise diffuser. Dependable German SEBO construction and durability allows for a 5 year parts and motor warranty.