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Freeplay Kito LED Flashlight

Freeplay Kito Self Powered Wind Up LED Flashlight Free Play Flash Light Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy Denim Tangerine Metallic Black White Lime Green Yellow
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Kito Flashlight Color



Available Colors

Freeplay Kito Self Powered Wind Up LED Flashlight Free Play Flash Light Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy Denim Blue Freeplay Kito Self Powered Wind Up LED Flashlight Free Play Flash Light Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy Lime Green

Denim Blue

Lime Green


  • Simple, rugged, stylish and reliable light is ready anytime, anywhere.
  • Splash proof design, flashlight will work in rainy conditions.
  • Self-sufficient, wind-up power charges on-board rechargeable battery.
  • 10mm Ultra Bright white LED provides illumination and up to 100,000 hr. operating life.
  • Rechargeable Battery: 3.6V NiMH battery pack.
  • Shine Time:
    • Fully Charged - 20hrs. light.
    • 60 Second Wind - 1 hr. light.
  • Color Options: denim blue, lime green.
  • Dimensions: 4.4"h x 3.1"w x 7.2"l.
  • Warranty: 2 years for defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Weight: 1 lb.

About the Kito LED Flashlight

Simple, rugged, reliable. The Freeplay Kito LED Lantern is essential gear for convenient lighting whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

The Kito features a single 10mm ultra-bright LED powered by Freeplay’s unique, efficient patented self-charge technology. The dependability of both LED and Freeplay technology means that you’ll never need to worry about replacing bulbs or batteries again. The super efficient self-charge system delivers an hour of bright light per minute of cranking – so you’ll never need to worry whether you’ve recharged it – you are never more than a few seconds away from useful, dependable light.

Ideal for everyday and emergency use, indoors and out, the Kito puts the power in your hands. The entry level offering in the Freeplay lighting range, it’s affordable to keep several around the house – in the kids’ bedroom, the garage, the shed, the car, the basement, or anywhere that requires dependable light when you need it.

Crank it either clockwise or counterclockwise for as much light as you need – and you can wind at any time for as much shine-time as you want. A simple push button switch behind a tough rubber enclosed lens makes the Kito simple and easy to use for light when you need it – anytime, anywhere.


  • Green energy – a sustainable solution that’s built to last. The power mechanism is tested to 500000 input cycles, and the LEDs are rated up to 100000 hours or 11 years of continuous use (24 hours a day).
  • The Kito offers complete independence from the grid and disposable batteries – never worry about changing batteries or bulbs again.
  • When your battery runs down and you need to wind for power, the Freeplay self-charge mechanism converts over 74% of your kinetic energy into stored electricity.
  • You can fly with our lantern – enabling a truly global camping or trekking lighting solution. No need to worry about spare batteries or canisters when you are traveling.
  • The plastic molding makes it easy to carry and use when it is cold and the carry handle is positioned to allow you to use and carry it comfortably, even with gloves on.
  • A great lighting solution to teach your kids about the value of green energy – and show them how their own energy can provide them with all of their lighting needs.
  • Affordable enough to keep several around the house in areas where it’s needed.
  • Complete peace of mind – never worry about whether you bought batteries or recharged it – with the Freeplay Kito you’re never more than a few seconds away from light.
  • Lasts virtually forever.

Product Features

  • Ni-MH battery built in
  • Built-in crank means never running out of power
  • An hour of shine time for each minute of cranking
  • Ultra bright white LED with a 100 000 hour life
  • Splash proof
  • Comfortable to carry, even with gloves

The Freeplay Kito is designed to be a reliable tool. The self-charge system offers maximum dependability for those times when you can't afford to left in the dark by dead batteries. A quick wind (about 60 seconds) gives approximately 1 hour of light – and you can wind again at any time for as much shine time as you want. The winder can be cranked in both directions and the harder you crank, the more energy you create.

Never worry about replacing batteries or bulbs again, or even recharging from the wall.


With the reliability of an ultra-bright white Light Emitting Diode (LED), the Kito LED flashlight provides excellent brightness and shine time with the peace of mind of never needing to ever replace the batteries or bulb – or the need for an external power supply.


The Freeplay self-charge system is built around a custom designed, highly efficient alternator. The architecture of this patented system has been developed to maximize the ability of the user to convert human mechanical energy into store electricity quickly and efficiently.

While the basis of Freeplay's superiority lies in the performance of this system, Freeplay has extended the engineering excellence to every aspect of the product.

The winder handle is made from tough glass reinforced Nylon and along with the ergonomic design of the lantern has made the product comfortable and easy to use.

The transmission (gear train) is constructed to high manufacturing tolerances from glass reinforced Nylon and Acetyl – dissimilar engineering plastics that dramatically increase the life of the gear train. The transmission has undergone accelerated lifetime testing in excess of 500000 cycles.

Under self-charge conditions the batteries receive a conditioning charge that negates the memory effect common to rechargeable batteries and similarly increases their useful life. Accelerated lifetime tests on the batteries in the Freeplay self-charge system have reflected no significant capacity loss after 10000 crank charge cycles.

Freeplay Self Powered products are truly powered wherever you go – anytime, anywhere.

Power sources

Self-charge: AC alternator driven by the crank via a transmission.
Rechargeable battery: Ni-MH battery pack, 3.6V

Light source

An ultra-bright white 10mm LED.

Shine time

60 second wind – 1 hour shine time


Height: 112 mm (4.4”)
Length: 184 mm (7.2”)
Width: 80 mm (3.1”)
Weight: 450 g (1 lb)


Yellow, Tangerine, Rubber Black, Lime Green, White, Denim, Metallic Black


Q. How long will a fully charged battery retain its charge?
A. The battery will retain about 75% of its capacity after 1 month, 55% after 2 months, 40% after 3 months and 15% after 6 months.
Q. Can I over-wind the unit - does it ever stop you from winding?
A. No, you cannot over-wind the internal mechanism. It consists of simple gearing which drives the alternator, providing power to the internal battery.
Q. Will I damage the product if I crank the handle in the opposite direction?
A. No, the winder handle can be cranked in both directions.
Q. Is the product waterproof?
A. No, it is not waterproof. It is splash proof and will work in rainy conditions.
Q. How long should my Kito shine for?
A. A 60-second wind at 120 rpm will provide about 1 hour of shine time.
Q. What is the life span of the internal battery?
A. The internal battery is good for 10000 cycles when using the winder mechanism for 30 seconds.