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Freeplay Sherpa LED Flashlight

Freeplay Sherpa X Ray Self Powered Wind Up LED Flashlight Free Play Flash Light Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy Flashlights Transparent Blue Clear
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Freeplay Sherpa X Ray Self Powered Wind Up LED Flashlight Free Play Flash Light Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy Flashlights Transparent Blue Clear Diagram
Freeplay Sherpa X Ray Self Powered Wind Up LED Flashlight Free Play Flash Light Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy Flashlights Transparent Blue Clear Diagram
  1. DC Input.
  2. 3 Way Switch - high, normal, off.
  3. Lens Enclosure.
  1. Optimum Charge Level Indicator.
  2. Wind-Up Fold Out Handle.


  • Simple, rugged, stylish and reliable light is ready anytime, anywhere.
  • Non-slip rubber grip with splash proof design, flashlight will work in rainy conditions.
  • Two light brightness levels - normal for low energy use, Ultra-Bright for light demanding tasks.
  • Self-sufficient, wind-up power charges on-board rechargeable battery.
  • A cluster of 7 Ultra Bright white 5mm LEDs provide high lighting performance with up to 100,000 hr. operating life.
  • LED charge indicator tells you the optimum winding speed.
  • Non-slip rubber grip.
  • Rechargeable Battery: 3.6V NiMH battery pack.
  • AC/DC Adapter (not included) Charge Time: 24 hrs. after full discharge.
  • Shine Time:
    • Fully Charged - 20 hrs. normal beam.
    • Fully Charged - 3 hrs. 20 min. ultra-bright.
    • 30 Second Wind - 20 min. normal beam.
  • Color: Black.
  • Dimensions: 2.1"h x 2.4"w x 6.3"l.
  • Warranty: 2 years for defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Product Weight: 13 oz.

About the Sherpa LED Flashlight

The Freeplay Sherpa LED Flashlight epitomizes the dependability of the Freeplay flashlight range. This compact and robust flashlight incorporates failsafe Freeplay self-charge technology together with the reliability of ultra-bright white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The LEDs provide excellent brightness, efficiency and shine time with their longevity providing the peace of mind of never needing to ever replace bulbs again. Ideal for both every day and emergency use the Sherpa LED is designed to be a serious tool, the self-charge system offering maximum dependability for those times when you can’t afford to be left in the dark by dead batteries.

A quick wind of about 60 seconds gives approximately 30 minutes of light on normal beam, and you can wind more at any time for as much shine-time as you want. An LED charge level indicator tells you the optimal winding speed. Offering a choice of 2 brightness settings (economy or maximum brightness) allows you to choose the light setting according to your needs to extend shine times in self-charge or external charge modes. A switch mode power supply drives the LED cluster at a constant brightness, providing a high quality, reliable beam in either economy or maximum brightness settings.

The Sherpa LED is rechargeable and, fully charged, the flashlight provides up to 3 hours 20 minutes of ultra bright light, or 20 hours of normal light (economy setting). Internal mechanical components are specified to industrial standards for repeated use and long life.

Whether in your toolkit, the kitchen drawer, camping gear or the glove box in your car, with the Freeplay Sherpa LED, you’ve got dependable light anytime, anywhere.


  • Green energy - a sustainable solution that’s built to last. The power mechanism is tested to 500000 input cycles, and the LEDs are rated up to 100000 hours or 11 years of continuous use (24 hours a day).
  • The Sherpa LED offers a real alternative to grid electricity or fossil fuels, so the more you use your flashlight, the fewer batteries you’ll be throwing away.
  • When your batteries run out and you need to wind for power, the Freeplay self-charge mechanism converts over 74% of your kinetic energy into stored electricity.
  • Compact and rugged, it will fit into your drawer, your glove box, toolkit or backpack.
  • A constant brightness means dependable beam quality that does not fade away as the batteries get flatter.
  • The plastic molding and rubberized lens enclosure and body panels make it easy to carry and use when it is cold.
  • A great lighting solution to teach your kids about the value of green energy – and show them how their own energy can provide them with all of their lighting needs.
  • Lasts virtually forever.

The self-charge system offers maximum dependability for those times when you can't afford to be left in the dark by dead batteries. The winder can be cranked in both directions and the harder you crank, the more energy you create. A crank level LED indicates the optimum winding speed.


An AC adapter is not included, you can use any "mini-USB" AC adapter. Many newer cell phones and digital cameras use the same adapter, so you may already have one.

A cluster of 7 ultra bright white 5mm LEDs provides extended shine times and ultimate dependability, never requiring replacement. Two brightness settings, energy saving and ultra bright, offer a choice between efficiency and brightness.


The Freeplay self-charge system is built around a custom designed, highly efficient alternator. The architecture of this patented system has been developed to maximize the ability of the user to convert human mechanical energy into stored electricity quickly and efficiently.

While the basis of Freeplay's superiority lies in the performance of this system, Freeplay has extended the engineering excellence to every aspect of the Sherpa LED.

The winder handle is made from tough glass reinforced Nylon and is designed, along with the grip of the flashlight, for comfort and ease of use.

The transmission (gear train) is constructed to high manufacturing tolerances from glass reinforced Nylon and Acetyl – dissimilar engineering plastics that dramatically increase the life of the gear train. The transmission has undergone accelerated lifetime testing in excess of 500000 cycles.

Under self-charge conditions the batteries receive a conditioning charge that negates the memory effect common to rechargeable batteries and similarly increases their useful life. Accelerated lifetime tests on the batteries in the Freeplay self-charge system have reflected no significant capacity loss after 10000 crank charge cycles.

The light source is a cluster of 7 ultra bright white 5 mm LED's. These offer bright white light but with significantly higher efficiency and lifetime than incandescent lamps, and are rated at up to 100000 hours.


AC alternator driven by the crank via transmission.

Rechargeable battery

Ni-MH battery pack, 3.6V.

Light source

Cluster of 7 ultra bright white 5mm LEDs.

Shine time

Fully charged battery: 20 hours (energy saving), or 3 hours 20 minutes (ultra bright).
30-second wind: 20 minutes (energy saving).

AC adapter

Charge rate: 24 hours – 100% capacity.
AC adapter not included: use standard mini-USB AC adapter (5-pin, 5V, 500mA).


Height: 55 mm (2.1")
Width: 60 mm (2.4")
Length: 160 mm (6.3")
Weight: 370 g (13 oz)



Q. Do I need to do anything before I use it?
A. For best results, the battery requires a conditioning charge before first use, or after long periods without use. This can be done by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles. Alternatively this can be done by fully charging the battery using the wall adapter (if you have one). The product can, however, be used immediately in the wind-up mode if required.
Q. How do I change the light bulb?
A. The light is an LED (light-emitting diode) with up to 100000 hours of useful life and never requires replacement.
Q. How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
A. Using an AC adapter, it will take about 24 hours to fully charge the battery. Or using the crank, it will take about 40 minutes, if you constantly wind at the optimum speed as indicated by the green charge level indicator.
Q. How long will a fully charged battery retain its charge?
A. The battery will retain about 75% of its capacity after 1 month, 55% after 2 months, 40% after 3 months and 15% after 6 months.
Q. Can I over-wind the unit - does it ever stop you from winding?
A. No, you cannot over-wind the internal mechanism. It consists of simple gearing which drives the alternator, providing power to the internal battery.
Q. Will I damage the product if I crank the handle in the opposite direction?
A. No, the winder handle can be cranked in both directions.
Q. Is the product waterproof?
A. No, it is not waterproof. It is splash proof and will work in rainy conditions.
Q. How long should my Sherpa LED shine for?
A. With a fully charged battery the Sherpa LED will shine for approximately 20 hours in energy saving mode, or 3 hours 20 minutes at full power. A 30-second wind will provide about 20 minutes of shine time in energy saving mode, if the winder handle is cranked at the optimum speed. This will be achieved as soon as the green charge level indicator next to the winder handle illuminates.
Q. Can I leave it plugged in all the time?
A. Yes; the charging current is designed to be low enough to be non-damaging if left
on charge continuously. (Unplugging may extend the life of the battery, but note that repeated deep discharges will shorten it.)
Q. The battery doesn't hold a charge any more; do I need to replace it?
A. Rechargeable batteries deteriorate over time, especially if drained nearly completely (to extend the life of your battery, limit how often that happens). However, in many cases they can be "conditioned" back to life. This can be done by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles. Alternatively this can be done by letting the product run from the battery until it stops, and then, with the product turned off, fully charging it using the wall adapter.