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Freeplay Summit Radio

Freeplay Summit Multiband Multi Band Self Powered Wind Up Solar Rechargeable AM FM Radio Flashlight Free Play Radios Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy AM/FM Short Wave Shortwave
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Freeplay Summit Multiband Multi Band Self Powered Wind Up Solar Rechargeable AM FM Radio Flashlight Eye Max Free Play Radios Electronic Electronics Self Sufficient Energy AM/FM Short Wave Shortwave Diagram
  1. Volume Up Down.
  2. Display Light.
  3. Sleep Mode.
  4. Alarm Mode.
  5. Alarm Set.
  6. Time Set.
  7. Band Select.
  8. Power.
  9. Scan Up Down.
  10. Preset Button +5.
  1. LCD Display.
  2. Preset Button 1-5.
  3. Memory Button.
  4. Snooze Button.
  5. Optimum Charge Indicator.
  6. Solar Panel.
  7. Winder Handle.
  8. Antenna.
  9. Headphone Socket.
  10. DC Input.


  • A high quality, feature packed, reliable AM/FM/Multiband radio is ready anytime, anywhere. Great for the outdoors or emergency situations.
  • All digital controls with automatic radio station scanning.
  • High performance speaker provides excellent sound quality with no distortion at high volumes.
  • Earphone socket for personal listening.
  • Four wave bands - MW (AM), FM, SW, LW.
  • Digital tuning with 30 station presets - 10 FM, 10 MW, 5 SW, 5 LW.
  • Digital LCD display with backlight.
  • 12 / 24hr Clock display with alarm, sleep and snooze functions.
  • Self-sufficient, solar or wind-up power charges on-board rechargeable battery.
  • LED charge indicator tells you the optimum winding speed.
  • Includes portable short wave antenna to boost reception and international shortwave guide.
  • 6V 100mA AC/DC adapter included for household charging.
  • Replaceable Rechargeable Battery: 3.6V NiMH battery pack.
  • Three Recharging Power Supply Options:
    • Solar Panel - photovoltaic cell converts sunlight to electrical energy.
    • Wind-Up - hand crank produces energy from AC alternator.
    • AC/DC Adapter - use household electricity.
  • Charging Time:
    • AC/DC Adapter Charge Time: 24 hrs. after full discharge.
    • Solar Panel - in direct sunlight, will charge and play radio simultaneously.
  • Operating Time:
    • Fully Charged - 20 hrs. normal volume.
    • 30 Second Wind - 30 min. normal volume.
  • Color: silver.
  • Dimensions: 3.5"h x 3.2"w x 6.7"l.
  • Warranty: 2 years for defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Product Weight: 1 lb, 8.7 oz.

About the Summit Multiband Radio

The Freeplay Summit is a feature-rich portable radio, offering multi-band digital tuning, clock, alarm and memory presets. This premium radio combines elegance with the reliability of multiple power options in self-charge, solar and external recharge ability.

Key features include coverage of 4 wave bands (FM/MW/SW/LW), digital tuning and 30 station presets. An LCD digital display panel with backlight enables the user to see the selected radio station, clock and alarm settings – day or night, making the Summit an ideal bedside clock radio.

Placed in the kitchen windowsill the Summit will keep you informed and entertained using only the sun’s energy without the need for a wall charge, disposable batteries or even cranking.

The Summit is provided with an AC charger for wall charging when available, or to leave plugged in at your bedside, and the headphone socket lets you enjoy personal listening.

This stylish radio does not compromise on quality or robustness; with sturdy rubberized panels on the top and bottom of the radio and all components manufactured in high quality materials. Global frequency coverage makes the Summit an ideal travel companion, whether camping locally or trekking abroad: Freeplay’s power independence means that you’ll never need to worry about packing the correct travel charger. Powered by you or the sun, the Summit provides assured information and entertainment wherever you find yourself.


  • 30 station presets let you tune to your favorite stations and store them for quick, convenient access on demand.
  • An integrated clock and alarm makes the Summit a perfect bedside companion that lets you enjoy your favorite programming morning and night.
  • The Summit is rechargeable from the sun using the integrated solar panel, or from the wall using the included AC adapter. The self-charge option provides a dependable backup for when you’re away from a plug point or without solar access and your batteries run down.
  • Green energy – a sustainable product that’s built to last. The power mechanism is tested to 500000 input cycles, and the internal batteries are tested up to 10000 self-charge.
  • When your batteries run out and you need to wind for power, the Freeplay self-charge mechanism converts over 74% of your kinetic energy into stored electricity.
  • Self-charge while playing anytime to top up the power – never miss the end of that song, the end of the game or that last item in the news report.
  • The backlit digital display and digital tuning lets you tune the radio easily and accurately, day or night.

Product Features

  • Multiband radio
  • High performance speaker
  • Internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Solar panel
  • AC adapter
  • Freeplay self-charge system (direct charge alternator), with optimum charge level indicator
  • Digital display (LCD)
  • Alarm clock, snooze and sleep function
  • Headphones socket for personal listening
  • Non-slip rubber grip

Solar Energy

The Summit's highly efficient and robust solar panel is powerful enough, that when exposed to sufficient sunlight, it will charge the batteries and drive the radio at the same time. Even when you're not using it the radio will charge itself up if left in the sun.


The self-charge system offers maximum dependability and can be cranked in both directions. The harder you crank, the more energy you create. A crank level LED indicates the optimum winding speed.


The Summit is equipped with an AC adapter that allows you to charge the radio and run it from wall power for added convenience.


Digital scanning functionality assures convenient and accurate tuning ability across all bands. 30 station presets allow you to store your favorite stations for repeated listening.


A high performance speaker ensures excellent sound quality with no distortions at high volumes. An earphone socket offers the added benefit of personal listening.


The backlit LED screen has a 12 / 24 hr clock display with alarm, sleep and snooze functionality.


The Freeplay self-charge system is built around a custom designed, highly efficient alternator. The architecture of this patented system has been developed to maximize the ability of the user to convert human mechanical energy into stored electricity quickly and efficiently.

While the basis of Freeplay's superiority lies in the performance of this system, Freeplay has extended the engineering excellence to every aspect of this radio.

The winder handle is made from tough glass reinforced Nylon and is designed, along with the rubberized grips of the radio, for comfort and ease of use.

The transmission gear (gear train) is constructed to high manufacturing tolerances from glass reinforced Nylon and Acetyl – dissimilar engineering plastics that dramatically increase the life of the gear train. The transmission has undergone accelerated lifetime testing in excess of 500000 cycles.

Under self-charge conditions the batteries receive a conditioning charge that negates the memory effect common to rechargeable batteries and similarly increases their useful life. Accelerated lifetime tests on the batteries in the Freeplay self-charge system have reflected no significant capacity loss after 10000 crank charge cycles.

Coupled with Solar and Wall Charging facilities, Freeplay Self-Sufficient products are truly powered wherever you go – anytime, anywhere.

Digital features

Digital display (LCD)
Digital tuning
30 preset stations (10 FM, 10 AM (MW), 5 SW, 5 LW)
Clock and alarm

Power sources

  1. Self-charge: AC alternator driven by the crank via a transmission.
  2. Solar: High performance amorphous thin film solar panel.
  3. Charging adapter: 6V 100mA AC/DC adapter (1.3 mm centre pin positive).
  4. Battery: Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack, 3.6 V.
  5. Adaptor charge rate: 24 hours – 100% capacity.


Fully charged battery: 20 hours (at normal volume).
30-second wind: 30 minutes (at normal volume).
Playtime will vary depending on the volume setting.


FM: 88-108 MHz
AM (MW): 540-1650 MHz
SW: 5.95-15.6 MHz
LW: 146-281 KHz


Size: 66 mm (2.6")
Impedance: 0.8 ohms
Output: 0.5 watts (max)


FM: Telescopic
AM (MW): Built in ferrite bar
SW: Telescopic
LW: Built in ferrite bar


Height: 90 mm (3.5")
Depth: 80 mm (3.1")
Width: 171 mm (6.7")
Weight: 700 g (24.7 oz)


Shortwave antenna
AC/DC adapter
International shortwave guide


Champagne Silver

Q. Do I need to do anything before I use it?

A. For best results, the battery requires a conditioning charge before first use, or after long periods without use. This can be done by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles. Alternatively this can be done by fully charging the battery using the wall adapter (if you have one). The product can, however, be used immediately in the wind-up mode if required.

Q. How long will a fully charged battery retain its charge?

A. The battery will retain about 75% of its capacity after 1 month, 55% after 2 months, 40% after 3 months and 15% after 6 months.

Q. Can I over-wind the unit - does it ever stop you from winding?

A No, you cannot over-wind the internal mechanism. It consists of simple gearing which drives the alternator, providing power to the internal battery.

Q. How long will it take to fully charge the Summit Radio using the winder handle?

A. As a guide, a constant input effort of 40 minutes into the crank at the optimum charge level will fully charge the battery.

Q. Will I damage the product if I crank the handle in the opposite direction?

A. No, the winder handle can be cranked in both directions.

Q. How strong does the sun have to be for the radio to play directly from the solar panel?

A. The radio requires direct sunlight to operate solely off the solar panel. If the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight while the radio is switched off, solar energy will gradually charge the battery.

Q. Can I leave it plugged in all the time?

A. Yes; the charging current is designed to be low enough to be non-damaging if left
on charge continuously. (Unplugging may extend the life of the battery, but note that repeated deep discharges will shorten it.)

Q. The battery doesn't hold a charge any more; do I need to replace it?

A. Rechargeable batteries deteriorate over time, especially if drained nearly completely (to extend the life of your battery, limit how often that happens). However, in many cases they can be "conditioned" back to life. This can be done by administering several vigorous 30-second wind cycles. Alternatively this can be done by letting the product run from the battery until it stops, and then, with the product turned off, fully charging it using the wall adapter.

Q. What is the Optimum Charge Level Indicator light?

A. The indicator light will only illuminate when you are winding the handle at the ideal speed to generate the ideal amount of energy.