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LEquip RPM Blender

LEquip RPM Blender Smoothie Maker Blending Machine Le Quip
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LEquip RPM Blender Diagram


  • Powerful 900 watt (1.2 hp) motor liquifies food in seconds.
  • Variable Speed control between 500 and 20,000 revolutions per minute (rpm's).
  • Brushed metal motor base with rubber container pads.
  • Stylish tachometer speed display in the motor base tells you how fast the blades are turning.
  • On/Off toggle switch.
  • Heavy duty Polycarbonate blending pitcher with 1.75 liter or 7 cup capacity.
  • Pitcher positions on base at any angle and is dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel blades.
  • Grinds coffee beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Black rubber "zero leakage" lid with insert tamper to to stir smoothies and thick blended drinks.
  • Funnel cone for adding oils, flavorings, and syrups while the blender's blades are turning.
  • Three foot power cord with a 3-prong grounding type plug.
  • Includes 10 recipes for a variety of smoothie drinks.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • UL approved for safety.
  • Dimensions: 8.4"w x 8.4"d x 17"h.
  • Weight: 8lbs.

Ice Drink Instructions

Some of the nicest drinks you can make with your RPM Blender are frozen fruit drinks. Specific recipes follow, but here are the general instructions.

1. Start by adding the liquid first, whether it is milk, juice, or water.
2. Cover the container securely with the rubber lid with the open hole.
3. Start the motor turning at low speed.
4. Add the ice or frozen fruit piece by piece through the hole in the top of the lid.
5. Increase speed gradually as high as necessary to crush the frozen ingredients.
6. You may use the blade wrench to tamp frozen ingredients into the liquid. Blend for as short a time as possible. Too much blending creates friction heat that melts the ingredients.

Tip: You can achieve desired milk shake or ice cream consistency by balancing the liquid and frozen ingredients.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to blend ingredients that are so hard that the tip of a sharp knife will not pierce them. Allow frozen ingredients like fruit to soften slightly if they have been in a deep freeze. The ideal temperature for blending frozen ingredients is 20-25° F.

Thick Drink Tamper Instructions

The tamper is used to stir thick shakes and ice drinks, puree vegetable soups, and maintain circulation by pushing ingredients into the blades and eliminating air pockets. It is designed to prevent any contact with the blades. If circulation stops, angle the tamper to any side of the container and slightly increase the liquid ingredients. Do not use the tamper when the container is more than 2/3 full.

Funnel Cone Instructions

This is the lid insert that enables you to add oils and flavor tinctures such as vanilla while the blades are turning. It is perfect for making mayonnaise.

Grinding Coffee Beans and Nuts

Your RPM Blender will grind coffee beans, all nuts, and seeds. For small seeds such as sesame or flax (linseed) seeds, add only enough seeds to come up to the blades. Try not to cover the blades. Excessive amounts of small seeds can stress your blender. For coffee beans or large nuts such as cashews, add one cup at a time. Place the fully closed cover on the container and blend at half, then full speed if necessary.

Basic Cleaning and Care

Blades: These may be removed for cleaning. A convenient blade wrench is included. The blades are very sharp! Use caution and hand protection. The rubber gasket may be removed for cleaning and is replaceable. It is not recommended to wash blades in the dishwasher. The heat, steam, and harsh detergents of an automatic dishwasher will damage the ball bearings and remove the bearing lubrication. Carefully wash the blade assembly by hand. Avoid letting it soak in soapy water.

Lid and Lid Plug: Wash the lid with gentle dish washing liquid, a sponge, or a soft dish washing brush. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, copper sponges, steel wool, bleach or other strong detergent products.

Pitcher: Remove the blade assembly before washing in dishwasher. The blender pitcher is dishwasher safe, but whenever possible keep the pitcher away from the heating element.

Caution: Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, copper sponges, steel wool, bleach or other strong detergent products.

Motor Base: Unplug the power cord. Then a damp cloth or sponge can be used to clean the surface of the motor base. Clean the switches with a cloth, sponge, or a gentle vegetable brush. Never immerse the motor base in water.

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