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Oxygenics 2.5gpm Resort Spa Showerhead

Oxygenics Resort Spa Showerhead Shower Head Aerating Chrome Nickel
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   Available Colors: Chrome or Brushed Nickel


Available in Two Finishes

Oxygenics Resort Spa 5 Five Star Showerhead Shower Head 400 420 430 Series Chrome Oxygenics Resort Spa 5 Five Star Showerhead Shower Head 400 420 430 Series Brushed Nickel
Model 400
Brushed Nickel
Model 430


  • Patented design mixes water and air to create a powerful, stimulating showering experience.
  • Incorporates fluid dynamics to increase water velocity and accelerate it out of the showerhead.
  • Interior components made of DuPont Delrin, providing strength and resistance to corrosion and scale build-up.
  • Comfort Control Lever allows you to adjust water flow from full, invigorating strength to soft, relaxing spray.
  • Self-pressurizing design allows consistent performance in all water pressures above 20 psi.
  • Constructed to withstand pressures to 150 psi and temperatures to 160°F.
  • Includes Teflon pipe thread tape and install guide to ensure installation success.
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee: against clogging or defects in material and workmanship.
  • Rated Flow:
    • 2.5 gpm at 80 psi.
    • 2.0 gpm at 60 psi.
    • 1.6 gpm at 40 psi.
    • 1.1 gpm at 20 psi.
  • Material: ABS plastic housing, Delrin, brass and CBA alloy.
  • Dimensions: 3"w x 5.25"l.
  • Weight: 1.0 lb.
  • Available Finishes: Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

How It Works

The innovative technology behind Oxygenics® is based on the Venturi Principle. As water enters the base of the showerhead, it is propelled through an accelerator fin to increase the velocity of the water flow. It is then directed through a channel where air is injected into the water. The result is phenomenal coverage and a continuous range of sensations with the adjustment of the Comfort Control Lever - from a soft relaxing spray to a deep, therapeutic massage to everything in between.

Oxygenics Resort Spa 5 Five Star Showerhead Shower Head 400 420 430 Series Diagram
Oxygenics Resort Spa 5 Five Star Showerhead Shower Head 400 420 430 Series Delrin


Delrin® is one of the key components of Oxygenics® showerheads. It provides strength, toughness and dimensional stability where needed. The hardness and lubricity of Delrin® allows smooth movement for angle adjustment and Comfort Lever control. Don't let mineral deposits and hard water get the best of your showerhead. The single orifice design of Oxygenics® showerheads coupled with internal components made of non-stick Delrin® provide complete protection against "shower cloggers" and prevents mineral build-up. Oxygenics showerheads are virtually maintenance free and come with a Limited Lifetime "Never Clog" Performance Guarantee.


The Oxygenics® SkinCare™ Series meets ANSI standard testing and materials specifications A112.18.1M-1996. Designed to function appropriately at pressures no less than 20 psi. Constructed to withstand pressures of 150 psi and temperatures up to 160° F.

The flow device is of a single orifice design. It is constructed of injection molded Delrin® acetal. The device is machine pressed into the spray nozzle and cannot be removed with a straight pushing or pulling force of less than 100 lbs.

Equipped with a comfort control lever. The lever assembly glides on “o” rings made from molded rubber. As a safety feature, when the comfort control is turned to the lowest position, water will continue to flow.

Oxygenics 2.5 Gallons Per Minute Resort Spa Showerhead Water Flow Rate Chart

The spray nozzle is constructed of Delrin® acetal resin. The nozzle uses a venturi system consisting of 16 air entrance ports, which allow air to increase the spray velocity. Oxygen levels in the water are increased as well.

Outer covering of the spray nozzle is made of plated ABS plastic, enhancing the showerhead’s appearance and muffling the venturi system. Utilizes a ball and socket base allowing for adjustment. Ball is constructed with Delrin® acetal. The seating washer is designed to seal around the ball swivel when compressed by assembly. The base connector is made from free machining brass and CBA alloy. The base fits any standard 1/2” male threaded shower arm.

Showerhead Installation

  1. Remove existing showerhead from existing shower arm. Unscrew by turning counterclockwise
  2. Clean debris from the threads of the existing shower arm.
  3. Wrap threads of the shower arm with pipe thread tape in a clockwise direction. Two complete revolutions should be adequate.
  4. Attach new showerhead to the existing shower arm by turning the attachment nut in a clockwise direction until tight.