About Us

HealthGoods has served customers online since 1998. We provide products and information for personal and environmental health. Without a healthy environment, our personal health will be compromised and when we make appropriate choices for our personal health, there will be less impact on the environment through reduced pollution and toxic chemical production. This web site was created to educate you about issues that impact your personal and environmental health everyday. We have provided straight forward, no-nonsense, fact-based information you can use to make informed purchasing decisions that will help you and your family live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Some of the exceptional characteristics of HealthGoods.com:

  • Unique Selection - we provide healthy alternatives to mass marketed products. You won’t find most of our products at the local department or hardware store.

  • Integrity in Operation - we don’t sell every product that makes a health or environmental benefit claim. Let’s face it, there are many companies out there selling everything and anything claiming to improve your health or benefit the environment because it’s the latest “hot” trend in retailing. In fact some products being sold in the marketplace as “healthy” can actually be detrimental to your health. Our products are based on proven technology, scientific principles and tested effective operation.

  • Quality Products – we believe providing high quality products that last for years is a benefit to the consumer and the environment. No one benefits from cheaply made products that do not perform well or break quickly and have to be thrown out in a landfill. Higher performing products provide the greatest benefit to the consumer and long lasting products reduce life-cycle costs.

  • Consumer Education - we believe an educated consumer will make the right choices when purchasing appropriate products that will impact their health. All of our products are supported with information that explains the product's benefits and why they are your best choice for personal and environmental health.

  • Customer Satisfaction – our liberal 30 day no hassle return policy gives the consumer confidence in their purchase. There are never restocking fees on returns. HealthGoods has taken the necessary steps to earn your trust by operating with the highest ethical standards and business practices and providing responsible customer service.

  • Industry Responsibility - we are members of Green America’s Business Network and have taken the Green Business Ethics Pledge. Green America's Business Approval Team screens and approves businesses for their social and environmental practices. Your purchase at HealthGoods.com supports green business practices. Additionally, we feel it necessary to stay informed in the industries we operate in and join recognized organizations such as the Water Quality Association and the Organic Trade Association. The HealthGoods staff regularly obtains training and attends trade shows in a variety of industry areas.   

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions about our web site and visit us often, as we will be constantly improving, expanding and updating.

Yours in Health,
The HealthGoods Staff