Air Cleaner Replacement Filters

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Air Cleaner Replacement Filters

Amaircare 2500 & 3000 Replacement Filters

  • Annual Filter Kit: includes 3 pre-filters and 2 inner filters
  • HEPA Filter: main system filter
  • Gas and Odor Filter Kit: includes gas & odor cartridge and 3 pre-filters

    Pre-Filters:  Recommended replacement is every 3-6 months.

amaircare-3000-hepa-air-cleaner-inner-filters.jpg     Inner Filter Blankets:  Recommended replacement is every 6 months.

    HEPA Filter Cartridge:  Recommended replacement every 2-5 years

  • Model 2500 - 8" tall
  • Model 3000 - 16" tall

    Gas & Odor Filter:  Recommended replacement every 1 year or when smell removal is diminished

Annual Replacement Kit

  • 3 - 3/16" thick, non woven polyester Activated Carbon impregnated pre-filters.
  • 2 - 1/2" thick, non woven polyester Activated Carbon inner blankets.

Gas and Odor Filter Kit

  • Model 2500 - 8" Drop-in cartridges featuring 8 lbs. of solid pelletized 100% Activated Carbon gas and odor adsorbing media.
  • Model 3000 - 16" Drop-in cartridges featuring 12 lbs. of solid pelletized 100% Activated Carbon gas and odor adsorbing media.
  • Includes 3 pre-filters.
  • Longer lasting odor and gas adsorption capability than carbon impregnated woven fabric filters.
  • These drop-in odor and gas cartridges fit inside the HEPA filter and can be replaced independently of the HEPA filter allowing the user to change filters only when necessary for optimum odor removal and cost savings.
  • Recommended filter replacement is 1 year or when gas and odor removal ability has noticeably diminished.

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    Sept 11

    Posted by WBW on Sep 21st 2019

    I got these air purifiers just after 9/11/2001. I have used them for years. they have been effective, and lasted now 18 years. the filters can be a bit expensive, (for me, anyway), but I have been very happy to have had them.