Hello Tomorrow: A Macrobiotic Week in Dubai

Hello Tomorrow: A Macrobiotic Week in Dubai

Posted by Edward Esko on Jun 21st 2018

The first Macrobiotic Week in Dubai took place from May 9 – 12, 2018 and was a huge success. More than 150 people participated in this landmark event, the first of its kind held in the United Arab … read more

Opening and Moving Your Energy This Spring

Posted by Virginia Harper on Mar 7th 2018

Spring is about opening up, expanding and movement. It’s waking up and stretching after the cold winter hibernation. Appetite for young, green and sprouting above ground vegetables become the focus … read more

A Macrobiotic Approach to Warmth, Strength and Health This Winter

Posted by Dr. Sommer White, MD on Dec 14th 2017

This past week we experienced our first freeze of the season in Nashville, and it felt cold! I immediately wanted warmer clothes and looked deep into my drawers for a special piece of clothing for win … read more

Strengthening Immunity through Fall Seasonal Adjustments

Posted by Warren Kramer on Sep 12th 2017

An important aspect of macrobiotic practice is understanding how to align ourselves with the environment to produce great health and vitality. The model we use in macrobiotics to understand our c … read more