Interested in Using Food as Medicine? Learn From a Master Teacher

Posted by Amy Hopeman on Nov 8th 2017

Most of us would choose food over prescription drugs to heal ourselves, right? The concept of using food as medicine goes back to Hippocrates and is enjoying a renewed popularity. But what does this mean? Eating kale, sourdough bread, ferments and brown rice sounds healthy but there is so much more to food and its healing powers.

Food fuels our body and contains energy that is derived from the sun and our universe. Getting that energy into our body at an optimal level requires an understanding of the Five Transformations and eating seasonally. We adapt our clothing (winter coats, bathing suits), activities (sledding, swimming) and home environment (air conditioning or heat) to the seasons, but why not our food? Our grocery stores carry in-season as well as out-of-season produce. We're used to getting what we want, not waiting to enjoy it when it's at its peak flavor and energy. But what if we eat seasonally, what if we adjust our cooking techniques, what if we choose specific foods to strengthen certain organs? What happens is we realign ourselves to the universe, draw the benefits of its energy and enjoy renewed health.

I've been studying macrobiotics and holistic health with teachers from around the world for almost ten years. I am currently taking a course that has shifted my thinking and has simplified the once confusing concept of food as energy and as medicine to heal. I can't say enough about our teacher, Edward Esko, the Founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) and former director of education at the Kushi Institute. Ed has deep knowledge of food energetics and a genuine passion to teach others. The IMI 12 week course combines video, audio, print and live interaction via Skype. I highly recommend this class to everyone interested in deepening their understanding of how to literally use food as medicine. The next Level One class starts January 2018. For more information, click here.