Enhance Your Energy with Thom Cronkhite and Caroline Cottom, PhD

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Enhance Your Energy with Thom Cronkhite and Caroline Cottom, PhD

Enhance Your Energy with Thom Cronkhite and Caroline Cottom, PhD

Sunday, November 4th, 2pm to 5pm
HealthGoods Market, 992 Davidson Drive, Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37205

Everything – all matter and all space – is made up of energy.

What does this mean for my life?

Thom Cronkhite and Caroline Cottom, PhD invite you to a workshop on human energy and its relationship to physical health, mental health, inner peace, and world peace.

  • Learn about human energy, including ancient wisdom about energy from around the world.
  • Experience feeling energy and flowing energy to others.
  • Have your energy field measured – and expanded (!) – with a simple technique.
  • Learn two tools to enhance your energy and health.
  • Use the energy you feel in your hands to heal yourself and others, and to test your food and supplements.

The workshop is for anyone interested in knowing more about energy and experiencing energy. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

Thom and Caroline live in a state of peace, each with over 40 yrs of meditation experience. They are able to pass on the ability to feel energy, also known as Presence, Being, and Shaktipat, and have experience and extensive knowledge of many spiritual and religious traditions. They have taught meditation and led energy workshops and spiritual retreats in the U.S., Fiji, New Zealand, Ecuador, and Mexico. Thom is a vibrational healer, sacred body worker, and spiritual counselor, with a degree in electron field theory. Caroline is known for her ability to take the energy of love and compassion into politics, education, and the arts. She led the campaign that successfully ended nuclear testing in Nevada. She is a writer, writing teacher, and consultant. Thom and Caroline are authors of The Isle of Is: A Guide to Awakening and Love Changes Things, Even in the World of Politics.

Visit Caroline and Thom at www.lovechangesthings.net and www.carolinecottom.com