Seasonal Cooking Class with Virginia Harper

When: Sunday, May 20th

Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm, dinner included

Where: Harper Residence, Franklin, TN

What: Join Virginia for her monthly cooking class. 


Garlic, Potato & Leek Soup

Millet Squares with Lemon Braised Baby Artichokes & Sprouts 

Tofu Stuffed Green Rolls with Green Onion Tahini Sauce

Pickled Cucumber & Daikon 

Register: $40 Register here


Monthly Macrobiotic Potluck

When: Sunday, May 20th

Time: 6:30pm

Where: HealthGoods Market, 992 Davidson Drive, Suite 102, Nashville

What: Join us for a healthy meal and inspiring conversation. We'll have door prizes and celebrate our one year anniversary! Bring a vegan dish for 8 people.

Register: Email Monica




Macrobiotic Summer Conference

When: Sunday, July 29th to Saturday, August 4th

Where: Lenox, MA

What: Lectures, cooking classes, one on one consultations at the leading gathering of macrobiotic and holistic healing teachers, practitioners and experts. A week long event not to be missed!

Register: $200 discount before May 1st.


Macrobiotic Counselor Warren Kramer Returns to Nashville

When: Thursday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 26th

Where: Nashville

What: Warren will teach a variety of health and cooking classes (see descriptions below). One on one consultations also available.

Thursday, August 23rd: Lecture and Dessert: 7pm to 8:30pm: $35

Topic:  Understanding Cravings and Addictions

Cravings are our friend because they help us find balance and satisfaction. They are influenced by our activity, the environment, foods we are eating and of course, our emotions. As many of us have experienced when our cravings are out of control, we realize our emotions are also reaching highs and lows. In this class we will look closely at what specific cravings mean and how to satisfy them without compromising our health. Some of the cravings we will address include: sugar, chocolate, baked flour, chips and crunchy snacks, animal protein, coffee, dairy food, salt and others.

Friday, August 24th: Dinner and Lecture: 6pm to 9pm: $60

Topic: Inflammation: Behind All Disease: How to Put Out the Fire

The most talked about subject in the health field today is inflammation and its role in health issues. What is it? Where does it come from? Why is inflammation so common now? How does it lead to other health problems? Most importantly, how do we stop the inflammation. These are just some of the questions we will answer in this timely lecture.

Saturday, August 25th: Hands on Cooking Class, Lunch and Lecture: 9:30am to 2:30pm: $100

International Macrobiotic Cooking: Favorite Dishes from Our Ethnic Nights

For many years in Boston we held monthly dinner events serving wonderful vegan ethnic dishes from around the world. In this special participatory (optional), class Warren will teach some of the most popular dishes from those events. A full meal with dessert will be served and recipes provided. Please bring a knife, apron and cutting board if you wish to participate.

Topic: Detox 101

All of life is a process of taking in and giving out, we can call this discharge. If we can utilize what we take in and eliminate what we do not, then generally speaking, we can maintain good health. Once we lose the ability to discharge, then health problems begin. Warren explains this vital process and how to enhance discharging what we don't need and what has gathered from the past.



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