Home Test Kits

A variety of Home Test and Screening Kits including Water Quality, Lead Paint, Indoor Air Quality, Allergen and Allergy Test Kits.

Your home is your refuge, and you want your refuge to be as pure as it is peaceful. Part of the Health Goods mission is to deliver reliable home test kits to your doorstep so you can learn which chemicals and organisms are hiding in your home, potentially threatening your health and the health of your loved ones. Whatever contaminants may be worrying you, we likely have the home test kit to justify, or eliminate, your concern.

Make sure your tap water is pristine with a water quality test kit from Health Goods. These test kits will tell you if there are organic chemicals, PCBs,or pesticides swimming in your glass, before you take another sip. We carry quality brands, like Building Health Check and National Testing Laboratories, which provide lab analysis and results after you carry out these simple home tests. Other screening kits help you identify organisms that could be exacerbating your family's allergies. Allergen testing is easy and quick. Just send your allergy test kit to the manufacturer laboratory and receive a detailed report about which allergens, like mold or dust mites, are infesting your home. Improve your quality of life with indoor air quality testing, brought to you by Health Goods. Order a chemical test kit or vapor test kit, and soon you will know what you're inhaling every day. In older houses, lead paint testing is crucial, especially when you have little ones in the house. Perform lead testing and have the results in under an hour! It's that simple.

We have all the home testing products you need to keep your family well at Health Goods. These products are essential to your health, so please call us if you have questions about any of our home test kits. We are here during regular business hours to assist you.

A variety of Home Test and Screening Kits including Water Quality,Lead Paint, Radon, Indoor Air Quality, Allergen, Allergy Test Kits.