PastaMaster Pasta Discs

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Lello PastaMaster Pasta Extrusion Discs, homemade pasta maker piece

The only thing missing from your Lello automatic pasta maker is a complementary pasta disc for extrusion. You choose the pasta disc featuring the pasta shape you want to serve. Lello pasta discs are available in 24 varieties, from classic fettuccine and penne shapes to rarer spatzie and biscotti molds. Each disc includes the mold for one type of pasta. Buy one pasta disc, or a whole bunch. Lello pasta discs complement those included with the Lello PastaMaster Automatic Pasta Maker. Pasta discs fit PastaMaster 2200 and 3000 models alike. The Pasta Discs for the Lello PastaMaster allow for a variety of Pasta types to be made. Vary the dough ingredients to make Whole Wheat, Spinach and Tomato Pasta. The choices are almost endless and are only limited by your imagination.

The Lello PastaMaster includes several Pasta Discs depending on model:

  • PastaMaster 2200 - Includes 6 different extrusion disks to produce thin spaghetti, regular spaghetti, flat linguine, small fettuccine, macaroni and cookies.
  • PastaMaster 3000 - Includes 8 different extrusion disks to produce thin spaghetti, regular spaghetti, flat linguine, small fettuccine, macaroni, cookies, large hollow spaghetti and lasagne.

Optional Pasta Extrusion Discs



#1 Capellini (Angel Hair)


#2 Spaghetti


lello-pastamaster-spaghettoni-disc-3.jpg lello-pastamaster-chitarre-disc-4.jpg

#3 Spaghettoni

(Large Spaghetti)

#4 Chitarre

(Square Spaghetti)

 lello-pastamaster-linguine-disc-5.jpg  lello-pastamaster-tagliatella-media-disc-6.jpg

#5 Linguine


#6 Tagliatella Media

(Small Fettuccine)

 lello-pastamaster-tagliatella-disc-7.jpg  lello-pastamaster-pappardella-disc-8.jpg

 #7 Tagliatella


 #8 Pappardella

(Large Fettuccine)

 lello-pastamaster-stoglia-disc-9.jpg  lello-pastamaster-bucatini-disc-10.jpg

 #9 Stoglia


#10 Bucatini

(Hollow Spaghetti)

 lello-pastamaster-bucati-rigati-disc-11.jpg  lello-pastamaster-bucati-disc-12.jpg

 #11 Bucati Rigati

(Hollow Ridged Spaghetti)


(Hollow Large Spaghetti)

 lello-pastamaster-penne-disc-13.jpg lello-pastamaster-maccheroni-disc-14.jpg 

 #13 Penne


#14 Macaroni - comes with pasta

machine only


 lello-pastamaster-pizza-disc-15.jpg  lello-pastamaster-biscotti-disc-16.jpg

#15 Pizza


#16 Biscotti


 lello-pastamaster-grissini-disc-17.jpg  lello-pastamaster-gnocchi-disc-18.jpg

 #17 Grissini

(Bread Sticks)

#18 Gnocchi


lello-pastamaster-conchigliette-disc-19.jpg lello-pastamaster-pasta-del-contadino-disc-20.jpg 

 #19 Conchigliette


 #20 Pasta del Contadino

(Farmer's Pasta)

 lello-pastamaster-fill-d-oro-disc-21.jpg  lello-pastamaster-maccheroni-quadrati-disc-22.jpg

 #21 Fill d'Oro

(Golden Threads)

#22 Macaroni Guadrati

(Square Macaroni)

 lello-pastamaster-maccheroni-quadrifoglio-disc-23.jpg lello-pastamaster-stoglia-ravioli-disc-24.jpg 

 #23 Macaroni Quadrigoglio

(Clover Macaroni)

 #24 Sfoglia per Ravioli

(Wide width for Ravioli)


 #25 Spatzie



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  • 5
    Lello Pasta maker

    Posted by Dolores Bugal on Jan 10th 2020

    I had the pasta maker for a number of years and hadn’t used it. I made Lobster Fra for New Years Eve and decided I’d make home made Pasta. My husband told me I’m not to buy pasta at the store from now on. Home made only.