Watercheck Home Water Test Kit

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Water Test Kit for your home or office, pure clean water tester

Watercheck test kit analyzes 87 items including Bacteria (presence/absence for Total Coliform and E.Coli), 22 heavy metals and minerals (including lead, arsenic, uranium, and mercury), 7 other inorganic chemicals (including nitrates and fluoride), 5 physical factors (including pH, Total Dissolved Solids and Hardness), 4 trihalomethanes (disinfection by-products) and 47 volatile organic chemicals (including MTBE, PCE and TCE). This is an excellent package for anyone who has never tested their well water or who has not tested in several years. This is a very comprehensive water test and is useful in determining if a treatment system is needed. Results emailed within 7-10 business days from receipt of the sample at the lab. This water sample will require overnight return shipment to the laboratory which is NOT included in the price of the test kit.  Please contact customer service if you would like a pre-paid FedEx return label at our reduced rate.


  • Easy testing - simply unscrew the caps to the bottles and fill with tap water following instructions, replace the caps and send samples to the lab.
  • Provides accurate informational water quality testing so concerned consumers can obtain an affordable analysis of their drinking water.
  • Test includes - test instructions, return shipping label, 5 bottles for sample collection, ice pack to keep samples cold during shipping, Styrofoam packing box for samples and return outer carton.
  • Two testing options available:
    • Standard Watercheck - analyzes 83 parameters includingBacteria (presence/absence for coliform and E.coli) (19) heavy metals and minerals, (6) other inorganic chemicals, (5) physical characteristics, (4) trihalomethanes and (47) volatile organic chemicals.
    • Watercheck with Pesticide Option - analyzes 103 parameters including Bacteria (presence/absence for coliform and E.coli) (19) heavy metals and minerals, (6) other inorganic chemicals, (5) physical characteristics, (4) trihalomethanes and (47) volatile organic chemicals, and an additional check for (20) pesticides, herbicides and PCB’s.
  • The analysis report lists the EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL's) of each parameter, the laboratory's minimum detection level for the contaminant and the contaminant level detected.
  • Test results are mailed following 10-15 business days of sample processing.
  • A Corrective Action Brochure is sent with your test results which tells you how to interpret your test and gives information on contaminant health effects and recommended treatment options.
  • Price includes laboratory analysis.
  • Return shipping postage to lab for water samples not included.
  • Lab accredited by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).

Test Sampling Procedure


Step One: Freeze the enclosed refrigerant pack at least 8 hours before collecting water samples.


Step Two: Fill all bottles according to the enclosed instructions.


Step Three: Tightly screw on caps to guard against water sample loss during shipping.


Step Four: Place collected bottled water samples and frozen refrigerant pack in the original Styrofoam container.


Step Five: Complete order form with sample details and address information and place in depression on top of Styrofoam container.


Step Six: Insert the Styrofoam box with samples and order form into cardboard shipping box and tape securely. Apply enclosed pre-addressed shipping label. Ship box the same day as you collected samples via guaranteed overnight delivery service.

Informational vs. Compliance Testing

Watercheck water quality test kits are analyzed for informational purposes. When choosing a test package for water analysis, consider your needs and how you will use the data. Is the testing strictly for your own information or is a regulatory agency requiring that testing be performed? Compliance testing is required when testing must meet local, state or federal regulations, or when results are to be used in a court of law.

Compliance testing must be performed according to US EPA approved analytical methods. Costly paper trails are necessary to document that analyses were performed following the exact procedures required by the EPA method. These methods are rarely efficient, and highly complex, which can make compliance testing quite expensive. The cost of a compliance test may be two to five times higher than an informational test.

An accurate informational test is an excellent economical choice if compliance testing is not needed. Informational testing is often acceptable for applications such as: monitoring home water quality, water treatment diagnosis, monitoring drinking or process water quality in businesses, preliminary testing for new water sources, real estate transactions, and new well drilling/development.

A competent laboratory with experienced analysts can provide an informational test with a high level of accuracy and at a much lower cost than a compliance test. National Testing Laboratories is certified by many states and has years of experience performing compliance and informational tests on samples from all over the world. The informational tests are performed by the same analysts, using the same laboratory equipment that is used to meet the standards required for compliance testing. Certain variations in methodology for informational testing can reduce costs without reducing accuracy.

Example Test Report Shown with Pesticide Option


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I test my water?

A. Water is considered the Universal Solvent and this mean that water wants to dissolve anything that it comes into contact with whether its rock formation underground containing minerals or pipes which water flows through to get to your tap.

Q. What is the procedure for getting my water tested?

A. We send you out a kit with all the bottles needed to perform the test. You simply fill the bottles according the instructions. Make sure to completely fill out the paperwork with your mailing address if it is not already preprinted, your sample ID location and most importantly the date and time you c collected your sample.

Q. What analysis should I perform?

A. The type of analysis you choose should be based upon your specific concerns, your water source and what contaminates may potentially be in the water. If you are on a city water supply, you may want to test for the by-products of disinfection and heavy metals as they are likely to be in the water. If you are on a private well it is important to test for bacteria as that is a common contaminant, as well as naturally occurring contaminants such as arsenic, radon, barium, iron and manganese. For specific information on what is included in our testing packages please see the sample report.

Q. How often should I test my water?

A. If you are on city water supply municipalities are required to perform analysis based upon the SDWA, however they are testing the water that leaves their facility and not what shows up at your kitchen tap. Water quality can greatly vary based upon natural fluctuations in the water source and the types of treatment techniques utilized by the water department. If you are on a private well, there are no regulations which require regular testing of the water, so you are responsible for ensuring the water is safe to drink. The EPA recommends testing your water at least once a year for bacteria and nitrates. If you have specific problems you may consider routinely monitoring your water supply.

Q. How much water needs to be shipped?

A. This will depend on the type of analysis you choose to perform. We provide all of the sampling containers needed when you order a kit. Please make sure to fill all bottles in you kit according to the instruction provided.

Q. When will I receive my results?

A. For our more comprehensive testing packages like the Watercheck and Watercheck with Pesticides it does take about 10-15 business days.

Q. How will I receive my results?

A. Results are mailed to the address provided on the paperwork. We can also provide results via email, so if you wish to receive your results quicker, please provide your email address on the paperwork.

Q. How is payment made?

A. All testing kits are prepaid, so you can place an order using a credit card or mail a check.

Q. Will I be able to understand the test results and what they mean?

A. The test results are in an easy to understand format outlining what was found in your sample and comparing it to established standards or guidelines. If there is something you do not understand you can always speak to someone in customer service to answer your specific questions.

Q. What bacteria do we test for?

A. Since it is impractical to test water for all the bacteria that can cause illness we check for Coliform and E.Coli bacteria, which are indicator bacteria. Their presence indicates a possible presence of disease-causing organisms. These are the bacteria tests that are required on all public water supplies.

Q. Why do samples need to be shipped overnight?

A. Certain analyses are required to be done within a specified time period. For example bacteria test must be done within 30 hour of collection, so samples should be shipped overnight to ensure a valid and accurate result.

Q. Do you test for chlorine?

A. Chlorine has a very short holding time, minutes from the time it is collected, so this is a test best done on-site. You can order these separately.

Q. What information do I need to provide?

A. When filling out your paperwork, make sure the address preprinted is the address to which you want your report sent. The sample ID location should indicate where you collected your sample i.e Kitchen tap, Bath Tap, Outside tap. The sample ID will be most useful when submitted multiple samples. Make sure to include the date & time collected, which will be helpful in determining whether your sample was within the proper holding time for the bacteria test to be valid.

Q. If I find a problem with my water, how will I fix it?

A. There are many water treatment technologies to fix all kinds of water problems. We recommend you speak with a reputable water treatment professional. You can locate one in your area by visiting the Water Quality Association website and click on "Find a Water Professional".

Q. I am on city water do I need to be concerned with pesticides?

A. Public water supplies are required to tests for pesticides every three years or longer if they have applied for a waiver. Cities that get their water from a surface such as a lake or reservoir are more prone to pesticide contamination due to run-off.