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Lello Automatic PastaMaster 2200 3000 Pasta Master Maker Machine Model 2720 2730 Electric Knead Dough Extrusion Extrude
Lello PastaMaster Automatic Pasta Maker

The Lello Automatic PastaMasters are a convenient way to get fresh, great tasting and all natural pasta. Simply place your dry and liquid ingredients into the mixing bowl chamber and turn the machine on to knead the dough. When the dough is ready, extrude pasta out one of 25 different pasta type forming discs and cut to length. Make everything from Spaghetti to Lasagne, Penne to Macaroni. Two Models available - PastaMaster 2200 makes 2.2 lbs of pasta at one time and includes 6 pasta type discs and the PastaMaster 3000 makes 3 lbs. of pasta at one time and includes 8 pasta type discs.
Lello Automatic PastaMaster 2200 3000 Pasta Master Maker Discs Disc Machine Model 2720 2730 Extrusion Extrude
Lello PastaMaster Pasta Discs

Select from 25 different types of Pasta by simply changing the extrusion disc on the Lello PastaMaster. #1 Capellini (Angel Hair) #2 Spaghetti #3 Spaghettoni (Large Size Spaghetti) #4 Chitarre (Sqaure Spaghetti) #5 Linguine #6 Tagliatella Media (Small Fettuccine) #7 Tagliatella (Fettuccine) #8 Pappardella (Large Fettuccine) #9 Stoglia (Lasagne) #10 Bucatini (Hollow Spaghetti) #11 Bucati Rigati (Hollow Ridged Spaghetti) #12 Bucati (Hollow Large Spaghetti) #13 Penne #14 Maccheroni (Macaroni) #15 Pizza #16 Biscotti (Cookies) #17 Grissini (Bread Sticks) #18 Gnocchi #19 Conchigliette (Shells) #20 Pasta del Contadino (Farmer's Pasta) #21 Fill d'Oro (Golden Threads) #22 Maccheroni Quadrati (Square Macaroni) #23 Maccheroni Quadrifoglio (Clover Macaroni) #24 Sfoglia per Ravioli (Wide Width for Ravioli) #25 Spatzie